Autumn Toñita

My name is Autumn, but everyone calls me Toñita. It’s actually a super sweet story about how a bunch of friends at a cantina gave me a Cozumeleña nickname after I had lived here for a few years. The name stuck, and now “Toñita” has all kinds of wild island adventures.

I moved to Cozumel with my kids and my little dog Hippie 11 years ago, and I’ve been painting the island ever since. I’ve also painted over 40 murals, and if you drive around the island, you might spot a few!

I love working on special projects, murals, mixed media, linoleum prints, handbound notebooks, junk journals, special gifts, and commissioned art, so if you have an idea in mind, send me a message, and let’s connect!

My murals journey began about 9 years ago, when I wanted to paint a long wall that stretched from my (then) rental house to our studio that was to be rented out as a short-term vacation rental. A friend painted most of the wall, but showed me some “beginners’ tips.” After that, I painted nearly every wall inside and outside of my house with a different mural design, and soon, I was being hired to paint houses, condos, street walls, and businesses.

One of them, called “Journey of our Ancestors,” won an award in the 2016 Cozumel Otoño (Fall) Festival, and you can find it in Plaza del Sol behind Benito Juarez Park. My paintings have been featured in several collections and museum exhibitions, including 500 Years of Cozumel, and Honrando a la Muerte II. I’ve also contributed paintings and prints to social causes such as the Black Lives Matter Fundraiser in Colorado and a Mental health project with the Rotary Club here on the island.

When I’m not painting or working, I’m doing house projects, lounging at the beach, reading, gardening, rollerskating, practicing aerial silks, and hanging with my family. I’m a proud mom of 3 incredible kids, 10 rescue cats, and 2 goldfish (thanks to my son for winning them at a Carnival game!).

My family and my colorful life in Cozumel are my inspiration for everything I do. I hope you find something here you like, and that you find some inspiration to share.

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