Why do the catalogs have different products?

I work with two different print shops, one in the US and one in Cozumel. While the quality of each product in both shops is top-notch, their product catalogs differ slightly. The one in the US can ship internationally, while the shop in Cozumel does not.

What types of paints do you use?

I almost always use acrylics and inks. There aren’t many brands available on the island, but I love to use Sherwin Williams Indoor/Outdoor Acrylics and any fun color I find at the craft stores.

Do you sell your original paintings?

All of my originals are hanging in my home. If there’s one that stands out to you, send me an email. If it’s available, I’m sure we can work something out. Keep in mind that international shipping is expensive (between $50 and $200). If you’re on the island, we can arrange a meeting place and skip the shipping charge altogether.

Do you do commissioned paintings?

ABSOLUTELY!! Send me an email from the contact page, and I’ll paint something super unique for you!

Can I hire you to paint a mural?

I love to paint murals in Cozumel! Send me an email with the project’s size in square meters, the location, and the subject idea. I’ll get back to you with time and cost estimates.

Do you teach painting classes?

I am currently working on Painting Courses which will SOON be available on Udemy and Skillshare.

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