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The Boy and the Shipwreck Greeting Card

Mxn 100.00

The Boy and the Shipwreck Greeting Card: In December of 2017, a strong norte (north wind) blew through Cozumel, causing a well-known sailboat named Lady Arisha to break loose from its anchor, and its concrete hull hit the ground… It was abandoned and never removed. Its contents were stripped by divers and shipwreck enthusiasts, and are now very unique artifacts to their new owners. Among these was a propeller, recovered by a local diver who had it repaired by a mechanic, and gave it as a gift to one of his friends as a reminder that she can steer her life any way she chooses and that she is the captain of her own ship.

Island residents had all hoped that the ship would be taken further out to sea to be a dive site and new home to sea life, but that did not happen. For the rest of the norte season that year, the ship tossed and turned, moving into different positions, making it a very popular subject for tourists and photographers. Once it flipped to the right side, the original hit was shown (in this painting, it is the rusty color beneath the starfish), and its wound was exposed for all to see. It has been photographed and featured in many of our local media channels and has been a popular site for snorkeling because it is resting in very shallow waters right off the west coast of the island.

Many of us have sat aboard this shipwreck to watch the sunset. There’s a sense of imagination and playfulness there.

In the 2018 norte season, the ship blew even further, almost right up to the shore! Its masts have been taken, as it is dangerously close to our main road. The running joke is that Lady Arisha is slowly making its way to the Museum, which is located directly across the street from where it currently rests.

The Boy and the Shipwreck greeting card is perfect for a birthday, a holiday, a friend, a baby shower, or congratulations. It’s for anyone who wants to feel a nostalgic appreciation for imagination and freedom.

The original painting is another expression of Lady Arisha, and it lives with a beautiful family in Canada.

About the Card

  • Portrait Orientation
  • 18 cm X 13 cm folded (or 7.1 in X 5.1 in folded)
  • Printed on brilliant white paper
  • 300gsm weight
  • Matte finish, no surface glare
  • Resistant to humidity, UV, and atmospheric ozone

About the Envelope

  • Brilliant white envelopes
  • Vellum finish that works great with pens, markers, and inkjet or laser printers for personalization
  • Thick and durable
  • Square brochure flap with moisture-activated glue to seal

Mxn 100.00

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