Cozumel Greeting Cards

The Journey of the Ancestors Greeting Card

Mxn 100.00

The Journey of the Ancestors greeting card. This is an image of a portion of a mural I entered (and won an award for) in 2016’s Fall Celebration/mural contest for Cozumel. The inspiration behind this piece was that in Cozumel’s history, Mayans would canoe here to the island to offer thanks to Ix Chel or to ask for healing, wisdom, health, fertility, or aid during childbirth. Now, every year in May, Mayans still canoe to the island and have a ceremony and celebration as a tribute and recognition of their roots and ancestors

About the Card

  • Landscape Orientation
  • 18 cm X 13 cm folded (or 7.1 in X 5.1 in folded)
  • Printed on brilliant white paper
  • 300gsm weight
  • Matte finish, no surface glare
  • Resistant to humidity, UV, and atmospheric ozone

About the Envelope

  • Brilliant white envelopes
  • Vellum finish that works great with pens, markers, and inkjet or laser printers for personalization
  • Thick and durable
  • Square brochure flap with moisture-activated glue to seal

Mxn 100.00

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